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Xestia Address Book

Native CardDAV (RFC6352) address book client which uses vCard 4.0 (RFC6350) with search, sorting, detailed contact management and maintains compatibility with the OSX/iOS address book applications.

Written in C++ using wxWidgets, cURL and SFML's audio library.

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The latest releases for Xestia Address Book are listed below:


- Fixed issue with anniversary date being set as birthday date.
- Implemented help browser.
- Updated documentation with new screenshots.

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiaab-0.23.tar.bz2Unknown KB86Twenty-third release of Xestia Address Book.
xestiaab-0.23.tar.bz2.sha2-512sumUnknown KB89SHA2-512 checksum of xestiaab-0.22.tar.bz2.
xestiaab-0.23.tar.bz2.sha3-512sumUnknown KB80SHA3-512 checksum of xestiaab-0.22.tar.bz2.


- UTF-8 support for contact data now implemented.
- Check if save was successful before closing the contact editor window if using the Save and Close Contact menu item.
- Fix issue of vCard 3.0 compatability. A value in either the title, forename, surname, other names and suffix text boxes in the contact editor is now required.
- Fix issue of not being able to connect properly via SSL due to recent curl (library used for communication between client/server) changes.
- Minimum version of curl required is now 7.54.1

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiaab-0.22.tar.bz2Unknown KB87Twenty-second release of Xestia Address Book.
xestiaab-0.22.tar.bz2.sha2-512sumUnknown KB89SHA2-512 checksum of xestiaab-0.22.tar.bz2.
xestiaab-0.22.tar.bz2.sha3-512sumUnknown KB132SHA3-512 checksum of xestiaab-0.22.tar.bz2.


07 November 2017

- Fixed issue when main window is reset after creating an address book.
- Fixed issue after turning off the use background colour option which results in a black background.
- Clean up application icon for macOS version.

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiaab-0.21.tar.bz2Unknown KB80Twenty-first release of Xestia Address Book.
xestiaab-0.21.tar.bz2.sha2-512sumUnknown KB107SHA2-512 checksum of xestiaab-0.21.tar.bz2.
xestiaab-0.21.tar.bz2.sha3-512sumUnknown KB79SHA3-512 checksum of xestiaab-0.21.tar.bz2.


Bug nameBug Assigned ToReportedStatus


RFE nameSubmitted


Commit & NotesDate
Version 0.23 release
2018-09-08 20:42:57
by Steve Brokenshire
docs/en_GB: Fixed issue of non-rendering pages
2018-09-08 19:58:15
by Steve Brokenshire
frmContactEditor: Anniversary for contact set incorrectly to the Birthday value when saving
2018-09-08 11:12:03
by Steve Brokenshire
macOS: ODTHelpBrowser now running
2018-09-08 01:18:59
by Steve Brokenshire
xestiaab: Added XABPriorityCtrl.cpp
2018-09-02 21:52:05
by Steve Brokenshire

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Last Commit: 2018-09-08 20:42:57
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