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The latest releases for 'Xestia Calendar' are listed below:


- Migrated to using the CMake build system
- Removed old Makefile, Visual Studio & Xcode projects
- Updated branding

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.08.tar.bz21,154 KB275Eighth release of Xestia Calendar
xestiacalendar-0.08.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB290SHA3-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.08.tar.bz2
xestiacalendar-0.08.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB280SHA2-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.07.tar.bz2


- Implemented improved unit testing and code coverage.

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.07.tar.bz2697 KB391Seventh release of Xestia Calendar
xestiacalendar-0.07.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB375SHA3-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.07.tar.bz2
xestiacalendar-0.07.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB380SHA2-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.07.tar.bz2


- Implemented UTF8 support

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.06.tar.bz2700 KB401Sixth release of Xestia Calendar
xestiacalendar-0.06.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB463SHA3-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.06.tar.bz2
xestiacalendar-0.06.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB446SHA2-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.06.tar.bz2


- Implemented macOS support.
- Fixed issue where event description wasn't being loaded properly.
- Fixed issue where accounts tab was appearing first in the Preferences window.

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.05.tar.bz2699 KB387Fifth release of Xestia Calendar
xestiacalendar-0.05.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB435SHA3-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.05.tar.bz2
xestiacalendar-0.05.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB423SHA2-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.05.tar.bz2


- Implemented Win32 support.
- Fixed issue when creating/editing/deleting calendars in the default account.
- An error message causes the "Save and New" menu option in the event editor to stop and not setup a blank event causing the previous event information to be lost.
- Moved events to modern event handling used by wxWidgets.
- Removed painting of form controls as it causes issues on Win32.

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.04.tar.bz2340 KB371Fourth release of Xestia Calendar.
xestiacalendar-0.04.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB430SHA3-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.04.tar.bz2
xestiacalendar-0.04.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB422SHA2-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.04.tar.bz2


- Added window management.
- Fixed crashing after changing the monthly grid after deleting an event entry.
- Fixed calendar data storage error where no account error occurs in certain functions resulting in no calendar/event data appearing.

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.03.tar.bz2337 KB378Third version of Xestia Calendar.
xestiacalendar-0.03.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB442SHA3-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.03.tar.bz2
xestiacalendar-0.03.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB419SHA2-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.03.tar.bz2


- Add licensing and copyright information to all source files.
- Converted variable names into the camelCase format.
- Added README file explaining Xestia Calendar.
- Default local account is created each time Xestia Calendar starts if it doesn't exist.
- Added COPYING file to clarify licensing.
- configure script setup.
- Unit tests added for CalendarDataStorage.

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.02.tar.bz2336 KB388Second version of Xestia Calendar.
xestiacalendar-0.02.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB431SHA2-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.02.tar.bz2
xestiacalendar-0.02.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB452SHA3-512 checksum for xestiacalendar-0.02.tar.bz2


Initial release of Xestia Calendar

FilenameFile SizeDownload CountNotes
xestiacalendar-0.01.tar.bz2275 KB385This release is the first version of Xestia Calendar. Please be aware that this version DOES NOT have CalDAV support. This is a version to show that the interface has been implemented using local accounts.
xestiacalendar-0.01.tar.bz2.sha2-512sum1 KB399SHA2-512 checksum of xestiacalendar-0.01.tar.bz2.
xestiacalendar-0.01.tar.bz2.sha3-512sum1 KB402SHA3-512 checksum of xestiacalendar-0.01.tar.bz2.

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