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2017-09-06 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorGeoposition: Fix height for new priorit...
2017-09-06 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorAddress: Implemented priority control
2017-09-05 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditor: Stop XAB crashing when pressing Modif...
2017-09-05 Steve BrokenshirefrmUpdate: Now using SSL address to check for updates
2017-09-04 Steve BrokenshirefrmMain: Close all windows when opening preferences
2017-09-03 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorTimezones: Implemented priority control
2017-09-03 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorLanguages: Implemented priority control
2017-09-03 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorTelephone: Implemented priority control
2017-09-03 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorCategory: Implemented priority control
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorIM: Implemented priority control
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorEmail: Implemented priority control
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorKey: Implemented priority control
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorXToken: Form design cleanup
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorNotes: Set default tab to General
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorVendor: Form design cleanup
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorCalAdr: Implemented priority control
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorGeoposition: Implemented priority control
2017-09-02 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorWebsites: Implemented priority control
2017-08-31 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorPicture: Implemented priority control
2017-08-31 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorSound: Implemented priority control
2017-08-31 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorRelated: Implemented priority control
2017-08-29 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorTitles: Implemented priority control
2017-08-29 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorNotes: Implemented priority control
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditor: Stop crashing when pressing Modify...
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditor: Delete from lboBusinessTitles in...
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditor: In DeleteHomeNote, delete item from...
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorOrganisations: Implemented priority...
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorRoles: Corrected 'Add the website prior...
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorRoles: Implemented priority control
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorNickname: Implemented priority control
2017-08-28 Steve BrokenshireXABPriorityCtrl: Priority control implemented
2017-08-24 Steve BrokenshireXABAccountView: Removed virtual declaration from certai...
2017-08-24 Steve BrokenshirefrmPreferences: Removed std::cout printing contact...
2017-08-22 Steve BrokenshireMakefile.in: Added widgets/XABPriorityCtrl.o to link...
2017-06-19 Steve BrokenshireVersion 0.19 release
2017-06-18 Steve BrokenshiremacOS: Updated Xcode project
2017-06-14 Steve BrokenshirePreferences: Option to select background colour for...
2017-03-12 Steve BrokenshireVersion 0.18 release
2017-03-12 Steve BrokenshirefrmEditAccount: Fixed bug on Linux systems where prefix...
2017-03-12 Steve Brokenshirelanguages: wo and xh combined due to missing comma
2017-03-12 Steve BrokenshireWin32: Added languages.cpp/.h to the VC project
2017-03-11 Steve BrokenshiremacOS: Added languages.cpp/.h to Xcode project.
2017-03-11 Steve BrokenshirefrmPreferences: Removed bitmaps/preferences.h
2017-03-11 Steve Brokenshireupdateversion.pl: Easily update the version in certain...
2017-03-10 Steve BrokenshireTODO: Updated TODO list
2017-03-10 Steve BrokenshirefrmPreferences: Double clicking an account opens the...
2017-03-10 Steve Brokenshiredefaults: Added refresh setting to the default account
2017-03-09 Steve BrokenshirefrmPreferences: Added icons
2017-03-08 Steve BrokenshireXABSearchPanel/frmSearch: common/preferences.h include...
2017-03-06 Steve BrokenshireMakefile: Added common/languages.o to compile
2017-03-06 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorNickname/Notes: Use list of ISO 639...
2017-03-06 Steve Brokenshirelanguages: Added list of ISO 639-1 language codes
2017-03-06 Steve Brokenshiregetcontactinfo: Removed unused code and process dates
2017-03-06 Steve BrokenshireTODO: Updated TODO list
2017-03-06 Steve Brokenshiretimers: minor code clean up
2017-03-05 Steve BrokenshirefrmMain: Write out ETag DBs on application quit.
2017-03-04 Steve Brokenshiretimers: Moved includes into timers.h
2017-02-22 Steve Brokenshireconfigure: used CURL instead of cURL
2017-02-22 Steve Brokenshireconfigure: cURL 7.52.0 required
2017-02-22 Steve Brokenshireconfigure: SFML 2.4.1 required
2017-02-15 Steve BrokenshireCardDAV2: Removed debug text
2017-02-15 Steve BrokenshireCardDAV2: Fixed issue with displaying SSL certificate
2017-02-13 Steve BrokenshireCardDAV2: Fixed FakeConnectionObject unit tests
2017-02-13 Steve BrokenshireCardDAV2/CDO: Cleaned up headers and included stdexcept
2017-02-12 Steve BrokenshireMinor cleanup of code
2017-02-12 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditorSound: Moved includes to the header...
2017-02-12 Steve BrokenshirefrmContactEditor: Audio device closes on window close
2017-02-12 Steve BrokenshireConnectionObject: Removed commented out code.
2017-01-19 Steve BrokenshireVersion 0.17 release
2017-01-18 Steve BrokenshirefrmSearch: Added window icon
2017-01-17 Steve BrokenshirefrmSearch: Clear status bar when reset button is pressed
2017-01-16 Steve BrokenshirefrmSearch: Fixed bug where message box appears showing...
2017-01-16 Steve BrokenshireAppXestiaAddrBk: Removed gripper from main and search...
2017-01-16 Steve BrokenshireCardDAV2: Fixed bug where non-SSL connections were...
2017-01-15 Steve Brokenshiredefaults: Check if default account exists each time...
2017-01-15 Steve BrokenshirefrmSearch: Event posting shouldn't happen when in searc...
2017-01-14 Steve Brokenshirexestiaab.1: Added manual page
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireVersion 0.16 release
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireAdded translation template
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireAdded script to create the required POT translation...
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireReplaced _("") with wxT("") to stop error messages...
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireCreated .gitignore file in source directory
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireAdded bitmaps for the frmMain toolbar
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireAdded code to setup toolbar in frmMain
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireAdded possibility of replacing vCard in TODO
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireUpdated AppXestiaAddrBk.h
2016-11-13 Steve BrokenshireUpdated AppXestiaAddrBk.cpp
2016-10-01 Steve BrokenshireCorrected spelling of implemented in CHANGES.
2016-09-29 Steve BrokenshireVersion 0.15 release
2016-09-28 Steve BrokenshireRemoved output to console (should have been removed...
2016-09-28 Steve BrokenshireUpdated CardDAV2/ConnectionObject implementation
2016-09-27 Steve BrokenshireImplemented macOS (OSX) support for ConnectionObject...
2016-09-18 Steve BrokenshireImplemented support using ConnectionObject/CardDAV2...
2016-09-11 Steve BrokenshireInitial work started on using ConnectionObject on Win32...
2016-09-10 Steve BrokenshireRemoved references of CardDAV and delete ConnectionObje...
2016-09-04 Steve BrokenshireRemoved stray carddav.h from frmActivityMgr.h
2016-09-04 Steve BrokenshireAdded COContactStatus enum and marked BuildSSLCollectio...
2016-09-04 Steve BrokenshireRemoved CardDAV class compilation from Makefile
2016-09-04 Steve BrokenshireImplemented GetContactList in CardDAV2 class
2016-09-04 Steve BrokenshireRemoved CardDAV class and all uses/references.
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