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Move INSTALL, LICENSE, README, THANKS and TODO into root directory
[xestiaab/.git] / docs /
2018-09-08 Steve Brokenshiredocs/en_GB: Fixed issue of non-rendering pages
2018-09-08 Steve BrokenshiremacOS: ODTHelpBrowser now running
2018-08-26 Steve BrokenshireDocumentation (en-GB).fodt: Updated documentation with...
2018-08-19 Steve BrokenshireDocumentation (en-GB).fodt: Updated document before...
2016-06-26 Steve BrokenshireChanged required for cURL to be version 7.48
2016-06-26 Steve BrokenshireNow using flat OpenDocument Text files for documentation
2015-10-04 Steve BrokenshireUpdated Documentation.
2015-08-16 Steve BrokenshireAdded Documentation for the en-GB language.
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