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Xestia Gelforn Help: Edit project permissions

Note: Editing the project details requires the Administrator permissions for each project you want to edit permissions for.

Go to any page associated with the project (or click on Projects from the menu at the top of the page and select the project you want to edit the project details for), on the right hand side will be a third red box called Administration, select Permissions and from there you will be able the project permissions:

To add permissions to a user not in the permissions list, click on 'Add Permissions', enter the username and select the permissions required. After selecting the permissions, click on 'Update Permissions' and the user will be added with the selected permissions. To edit permissions, select the user you want to edit permissions for and click on the 'Edit' link, this will go to the form where you can update the permissions, click on the permissions you wish to change and click on 'Update Permissions' and this will update the permissions. To delete permissions, select the user you want to remove all permissions for and click on

Edit project details

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